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Instant online check from HPI with over 80 data points

What is a Car data check? A car data check or car history check can reveal any hidden history on a used vehicle, car, van or motorcycle. The checks will alert you to any adverse information being held on a vehicle by insurance and finance companies, the police, DVLA and other vehicle related industry bodies. You can obtain a data check on any UK DVLA registered vehicle from it's registration number instantly online.

Why do I need to get a car history check?

Some of the key reasons...

With 1 in 3 cars checked returning some form of history that any potential buyer should know about. Performing a car data check, before you commit to buy, will give you peace of mine that all is well or if a data check flags up anything untoward you can walk away saving yourself a lot heartache, difficult problems and finacial loss.
Outstanding Finance Check 1 in 3 cars checked show an outstanding loan or finance aggreement still in place. If you buy one, even unknowingly, you could stand to have the vehicle reposessed and loose what you paid for it. A vehicle, with a outstandin finance aggreement on it, will remain the property of the finance company until the debt is paid in full a data check will tell if there is one in place.
Damage Check Ever year around 450,000 vehicles are written-off by an insurance companies and many thousands more get seriously damaged. Some can be legally repaired and returned to the road but their values are reduced. Some are deemed unrepairable and completely written off but are illegally repaired or their ID's used. A vehicle history check will show if the vehicle has been written off by an insurance company and it's given damage category A, B, C, D, N, S, see more information here.
Number Plate Check 1 in 4 cars has had a number plate change. Many are completely innocent and done to personalise a vehicle but others are changed in attempt to conceal a dubious history and a car data check will flag it up.
Mileage Check 1 in 11 vehicles checked shows a mileage descrepancey and nobody wants to buy a car that's been clocked a data check will tell you and you can walk away.
Stolen Check
Around 1500 vehicles a week are stolen in the UK only around 10% are recovered. Many of these stolen vehicles are sold on to unknowing buyers who will not have legal ownership. With so many stolen vehicles on the market the stolen check element of a history data check is a must have.
Import/Export checks If the vehicle has been imported, it can be difficult to discover its history further back to when it was first registered in the UK, so it could have had previous problems etc. If a car is recorded as exported, it should not be on sale here in the first place and should be avoided, again a history data check will tell you.
Logbook Check False identity, there are 100s of 1000s of stolen and counterfeit logbooks in circulation in the UK. Paperwork problems could point to the vehicle being stolen and or cloned and a history will flag them up. Read more about ringing and cloning here.
VIN Check The VIN(Vehicle Identification) number is unique to a vehicle and is just as important, if not more so, than the registration number. It's possible to have issues registered against a VIN that are not recorded against the registration number. Does the VIN on the actual vehicle match that on the logbook, if not it could indicate the vehicle has been stolen, cloned or ringed.
MOT History check can determine how a vehicle has been looked after. If it shows many past advisories or failures these may point to the vehicle being at higher risk of future mechanical or structural issues causing you not only inconvenience but financial outlay, so MOT history check is another vital part of a used vehicle data check.
Along with the DVLA vehicle and ownership details the above are the main elements of a vehicle history check. Some include vehicle recall information and status as well. There are around 80 data points of information that can be supplied in vehicle history check, giving you a wealth of information on any prospective purchase.

So don't get caught - check before you buy!

Get an instant online vehicle data check from the providers here...

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instant car check
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HPI - A car data check or car history check is probably most commonly referred to as a HPI check, HPI being the registered trade mark of the oldest operating car data check company, it has now been operating for over 80 years, HPI is abbreviated from Hire Purchase Investigations still the market leader with trade and these also available to the public. Other companies in the UK also offer car and vehicle history checks which do the same job i.e. reveal any adverse history data held on a vehicle.
My Car Check has become the private buyers favourite. Established in 2005 it fast transformed the car history checking market by offering very affordable options. Now owned by CDL Vehicle Information Services and with access to DVLA vehicle data, MIB(Motor Insurance Bureau) for write-off data checks, FLA(Finance and Leasing Assoc.)and CCT(Consumer Credit Trade Association) for finance data checks.
Vehicle Check from AutoTrader is supplied by AutoCheck, which is the brand name of Experian Automotive division vehicle history checking service.
Instant Car Check have teamed up with HPI, HPI suppling the data for paid add-ons to their basic check, you choose and pay for any additional elements you wish to check. HPI also supply The AA's Vehicle Check

Check it don't Regret it!
With 1 in 3 cars checked returning some kind of hidden history getting a car data check is a must do before committing to buy any used car or vehicle.
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