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Car History Checks - Check elements explained

Insurance Loss and Write-off categories
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Outstanding Finance
Current finance agreements on UK vehicles number over 7 million, 2 out 3 new cars are purchased with some sort of finance agreement. If you buy one you could have the vehicle repossessed by the finance company, if your selected car check includes this search element you will be supplied with the details of the agreement and be able to check with the lender as to the status and liability of the loan.
DVLA data
Gives you the following information: Make, Model, Engine size, Engine number, Fuel, Body style, Colour, Gearbox, Year of manufacture and date of first registration, Scrapped notification received, Date current keeper acquired the vehicle and the number of previous keepers.
Police Interest
Checks if the vehicle appears on any stolen vehicle register or data bases. The Police National Computer holds records of all vehicles confirmed as stolen, if you buy one of these you may stand to lose it, along with the money you paid for it, as they remain the property of the true owner or insurance company who may have paid out on it.
Registration Plate Transfer
Will tell if a vehicle has been the subject of a legitimate registration number change. In recent years personalised plates have become very popular and most changes are completely innocent, however there is always the fraudulent members of society who will try to use a plate change to hide a vehicles true past i.e. stolen or accident damage.
Imported Vehicle
Whether a vehicle is registered as imported. Note a data check cannot provide information about the vehicle while it was not in the UK. Also note that a vehicle, new or used, purchased from another country within the European Union is now not classified as imported.
Mileage Check
Providers use various sources to ascertain that a mileage is genuine they include DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority) VMC (Vehicle Mileage Check) BVRLA (British vehicle rental and leasing assoc.) RMI (Retail Motor Industry federation) NMR (National Mileage Register) results will be given in date order so that they can be checked against known date/mileage points i.e. service records, MOT's, etc. Data check providers may ask you to input the current mileage of the vehicle and will flag up any discrepancies that appear in the sequence. If there is, there will be a strong possibility that the vehicle has been 'clocked' (had the mileage turned back) and should be avoided. It is estimated that clocking cost the industry around £100 million a year, it is a major problem in the UK, beware.
High Risk Alert
A car appearing on these registers is deemed at high risk of fraud or theft and may well be being track by a third party. They may be hire cars, garage forecourt stock or demonstrators etc. and are placed on the register so that they can be traced easier if stolen and offered for resale.
Valuations, where available, assume you are buying the vehicle from a dealer, they will presume the vehicle is in good/average condition with a average mileage of around 10,000 miles a year from registration. The valuation given will not be for the actual vehicle being checked but an indication of the market value of that particular make/model/derivative
MOT Certificate Check
MOT history checks are now available free from the DVLA and are included by most check suppliers. You can also perform one direct online from here - MOT Check - you only need a registration number, records are only held back to 2005. MOT certificates do get stolen, forged or cloned and vehicles sold with a dodgy MOT is probably not roadworthy. Important information:
When you obtain your vehicle history check you should check the numbers/details against those on the actual vehicle as well as the registration documents... do not take things as read!! A car data check cannot tell you If a vehicle has been cloned i.e. is baring false Vehicle Registration Marks(VRM) or Vehicle Identification Number(VIN) so check the document details against the numbers/details on the actual vehicle. Cloning and Ringing - find out more from the link below.

So don't get caught - check before you buy!

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Car check elements explained Write-off categories What's Cloning Motoring Links Top
Car check elements explained Write-off categories What's Cloning Motoring Links Top

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