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About car history checks and why you should get one before you buy

A car history check is probably most commonly referred to as a HPI check, HPI being the registered trade mark of the oldest operating car data check company, it originally stood for Hire Purchase Investigations. However in the UK today there are other companies also offering vehicle history checks under various names but the purpose is the same to reveal any adverse history data of a vehicle before you buy it.

You can obtain a used car history check on any UK DVLA registered vehicle commercial or private i.e. lorry, bus, van, car, motorbike, scooter, moped etc.

Car check providers need access to various databases to perform a comprehensive car history check. They include the Motor Insurers Bureau(MIB), Police National Computer(PNC), National Mileage Register(NMR), Society of Motor Manufacturers Traders (SMMT), The Retail Motor Industry Federation (RMI) and various Financial Services Authority(FSA)approved databases. The databases are exspensive to maintain, that is why there is a charge for a car check, so please do beware of sites offering free car checks as they will not have access to the necessary data and only provide basic vehicle identification information and not history data. DVLA(Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) only supplies information to certain companies for consumer protection and anti-fraud purposes. The car check providers listed here have licensed access to DVLA records to provide a vehicle checking service for the public and motor trade.
Why should you get a car history check? Buying a used vehicle can be a risky business. When you have found, what you think, is your ideal vehicle that looks great, drives really well, the asking price is right, there`s still always that nagging uncertainty about its history and whether the seller is being completely honest with you. A Vehicle History Check will reveal any adverse history and put your mind at rest before you part with and possible loose your hard earn money.
1 Years facts..550,000 written off... around 200,000 stolen with only 1 in 4 recovered..2 out of 3 bought on finance and 1 in 4 are owned by a finance company... 1 in 5 cars have had a plate change... 1 in 8 checked have been written off...... 1 in 3 checked reveal some form of hidden history ... 1.7 million vehicle related thefts one car is stolen every 2 minutes in the UK and one is broken into every 25 seconds... nearly 4,000 vehicle accidents a week billions of £'s paid out in damage claims... Check its history before you buy!
The Risks of Buying a Used Car: Buying a new car in the current market may be a good move. With the credit crunch having taken its toll with the market suffering a 2 billion slump it's relatively easy to get a great deal on a new or used car. However, as always the case when buying a used car, it is essential that you make yourself aware of the cars history. Most people sink a sizable chunk of their income into a car so it's wise to, before making your investment, to perform proper data checks to ensure that there is no hidden adverse history before parting with your hard earned and a car history check is the way to find out.
Stolen Cars: One of the biggest problems might be that you are buying a stolen vehicle. Thousands of cars are stolen in the UK every year and then sold on to innocent, unaware, members of the public. If you do unwittingly buy a stolen vehicle the chances are, when discovered, it will be confiscated by the police, with little chance of any financial reimbursement.
Mileage tampering or clocking: If the mileage on the clock looks too good to be true it probably is. Clocking cars so that they appear to have done less miles than is actually the case is still a regular practise in some circles. It's done of course as high mileage vehicles can be bought substancially cheaper than very low milage ones and so once clocked a rogue trader or individual will make a higher profit. Checking for the signs of interior wear the i.e. upholstery on the driver`s seat may be worn, the rubber on the pedals, very shiney steering wheel and controls etc. can be good indicators mechanical wear is not so easy to spot. Car history check providers use various sources to ascertain that a mileage is genuine they include DVLA (Driver Vehicle Licensing Authority) MOT records VMC (Vehicle Mileage Check) BVRLA(British vehicle rental and leasing assoc.) RMI (Retail Motor Industry federation)NMR (National Mileage Register) results will be given in date order so that they can be checked against known date/mileage points i.e. service records, MOT's, etc.
Outstanding finance: You need to check if there is any outstanding finance as if a loan or finance agreement is still oustanding on a vehicle which you buy the financiers could seek the outstanding debt from you or repossess the vehicle. Even as an innocent buyer the process of proving it to the financing company is lengthy and difficult, so it`s best to avoid getting into this situation by performing car history check that has an oustanding finance element to it not all checks do so pick one that does.
Damaged or written-off: Over half a million vehicles are wriiten off each year in the UK and some do find there way back on to the road. Many more are damaged and the subject of insurance claims. We list, with detailed explantion, the various insurance loss categories under the link at the top of page or access here . Any vehicle that as been the subject of a insurance loss will be highlighted in a data check.
DVLA data Gives you the following information: Make, Model, Engine size, Engine number, Fuel, Body style, Colour, Gearbox, Year of manufacture, date of first registration, scrapped notification received, date current keeper acquired the vehicle, the number of previous keepers; all worth checking and a data check gives you this information.
Vehicle History Check - Avoid The Risks - Get one before you buy as they are the most thorough way to check a vehicles history.They only cost a few pounds and could save you a lot of money and misery. Car insurance, financing and all the other costs of motoring increase if you are hit by the effects of an incorrectly advertised or criminally sold car so protect yourself with a Car History Check before you buy!....select one from here
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