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Don't get caught! Get a car history check before you buy! 1 in 3 car history checks return some form of adverse hidden history!

My Car Check - HPI Check - AutoCheck - Vehicle Check - AA Car Data Check - RAC Car History Check

A car history check or car data check is probably most commonly referred to as a HPI check. HPI being the registered trade mark of the oldest operating car data check company, it originally stood for Hire Purchase Investigations. However in the UK today there are other companies also offering car and vehicle history checks which do the same job i.e. reveal any adverse history data being withheld on a vehicle before you buy it. You can obtain a history check on any UK DVLA registered used vehicle commercial or private i.e. lorry, bus, van, car, motorbike, scooter, moped etc. With 1 in 3 cars checked showing some form of bad history it is a must to perform one of these data checks first before buying any used vehicle.
Find here UK car history check providers - see what they check, what they charge and who's checking for who. You can obtain a instant online data check on any DVLA registered vehicle from any of these history check providers from its registration number.

My Car Check
2 check options on offer
£1.99 - £9.99
hpi check
HPI check -£19.99
Multi Check(3) - £29.97
RAC check
Single check £14.99
multi check discount

AA data check
Single check £19.99
Multi check £29.97
Single check £14.95
Multi check £19.95
instant car check
3 check options on offer
£2.95 - £4.99 - £9.99

*Please note vehicle history check providers may change the content and prices of their services without notice*
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